Leaving Atlantis

“I gaze fixedly at the map …
I count the places where I have been …
the map absorbs a strong sense of loss.
I’m shipwrecked, I come from Atlantis”
-Dubravka Ugresic, The Museum of Unconditional Surrender (1998).

At.lan.tis, noun. a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar, said to have sunk into the sea. The Random House College Dictionary.

Leaving Atlantis is an 8 minute video installation based on the central themes of loss of home and cultural displacement. It explores the experience of having become uprooted from one’s place of origin. In a collaboration with artist and film maker Nerea Martinez de Lecea, still images, moving images, sound, song and text were combined to create an expressionistic piece which has been devised to be shown in gallery and educational settings.