Lureland: Peacehaven Project

This community arts project came about as a result of Julia’s research investigations into the history of Peacehaven, on the south coast of England.

Peacehaven: a hybrid, unsure of where it belonged

Educational workshops and regular Friday afternoon Reminiscence sessions at the local library

Peacehaven’s beginnings: history workshop

working with archival material

The Voices of Peacehaven: Photography and photographic documentation: visual storytelling and creating historical timelines

Developing Memory boxes

Fieldtrips (through Peacehaven; archive visits to Eastbourne Library (memory boxes), University of Brighton Aldrich library (exhibition and architecture books), the Keep (archives)

Outcome: travelling community exhibition


The group share personal documents and create their own historical timelines: Freire’s idea of conscientization


Julia is working with Friends of Downland: The Peacehaven Pioneers.