Stories from Agadez

This community activity came about as part of the Arts Council funded ‘Retracing Heinrich Barth‘ project.

I love football. I really like football. 
I have taken a few pictures of my players. 
My name is Ousmane.

Ousmane Adamou

Ousmane, the team leader of AS Roma, keeps a little red diary in which he records each football match with the utmost precision, documenting how many goals where scored by AS Roma, and documenting when AS Roma has beaten Petit Gangastar, the little Gangster team 3:2. His dream is to become a successful football player and play in the national team.

“I love football. I really like football. I have taken a few pictures of my players. My name is Ousmane.”

Raissa Ladi

Raisa is a nine year old girl living in Agadez. When asked about her favourite pictures she replied these are “the one of the dog, and the one of the girl who has just had her hair braided”.

Mohamed Tambo

“The photos I have taken concern life in the streets of Agadez. There are pictures that show the old town with its narrow and quiet roads. They keep the memory of times past. There are photos that show the new town – with its straight roads and lots of movement. They show our modern times. The question I ask myself is when was the quality of life better for the people who live here.

I think history is really important as it allows us to situate ourselves within the context in which we live. It helps us try and give meaning to what we will do tomorrow.”

Hadjara Grema Hassane

“I have taken pictures of women working in the gardens; the women have worked hard and deserve for their work to be seen by others who live far from here so that they may appreciate the women’s work.

I have taken lots of photos of children because in all the streets you take, you will see children playing – without too many worries, without being too preoccupied. That’s very lovely and it reminds me of my childhood.”

Sarhid “Sarhidi” Efes Hamadalher

“I have taken pictures of everyday life. That is to say, of the life that people live here and to show that poverty, illness and ignorance are phenomenon that can be avoided. I also hope that these photos will make you discover the beauty of this country and the fantastic potential that it holds. I like photography a lot because it allows us to relive the past and it is also a great passion of life”.